• Using data and technology for

    Social impact

  • Our projects are self-organized and

    community led

  • We partner with outside organizations to build

    stronger teams

Our mission

To be an inclusive community for data scientists and technologists to volunteer and collaborate on projects that make a positive impact on society.

Our projects

Data for Democracy looks for projects that have a strong collaborative nature, and leverage data and technology to create positive social impact. We engage in a mix of community-led projects, which are proposed and self-organized by Data for Democracy members, and partner-led projects, which involve more formal collaboration with city governments and local and international NGOs.

What we can do

Data people have a lot to offer. We’re driven by a passion to find the truth. We understand how information can be used to make better decisions and improve our communities.

Data for Democracy is an inclusive community for data scientists and technologists. It is a space for like-minded people to organize, to transform, to collaborate, and to support each other's projects. We help each other track down datasets, refine models, improve visualizations, team up on apps, debug code, promote work, and connect with communities who need our analysis.

data engineering

machine learning

data analysis


software engineering

The Numbers

Our group, formed in December 2016, has grown into an inclusive community of hundreds of active volunteers around the world, collaborating on mission-driven technology with impact.

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Our partners

At Data for Democracy, we believe in the mantra "teamwork makes the dream work," and we actively work with new partners outside of our community to build stronger teams driven by the desire to solve hard problems! These partnerships keep the energy flowing in our volunteers, and help to support our goal of putting the right skillsets against the right problems.

Whether you’re an experienced data scientist looking for a side project, still learning, or just trying to figure out how you can help, we’re inviting you to join us.